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We always offer a thorough initial consultation. As always, our initial chiropractic consultation is FREE.   Why free?   Because we do not accept all patients who present for treatment and we believe that YOU should have the opportunity to find out if our office is right for you.

Within 2 visits my headaches are gone and the sharp pain in my lower back is now more of a dull pain.  Very exciting!


Office Manager, Sparta, NJ

A wide variety of chiropractic techniques so you receive the best type of chiropractic adjustment for your particular needs and situation.  Dr. Takacs is a highly specific and competent chiropractor who has trained for over 30 years to perfect her skills.


Safe and gentle techniques, upon request, wherein you do NOT hear any “popping” sounds.  Natural and safe for pregnant women and babies.

It has been quite some time that I knew what it was like to live pain-free. Throughout the years, I have seen various chiropractors but, to my dismay, I continued to live with pain– so I chalked it up to assuming I had to live with it because nothing helped.  I have only been seeing Dr. T. for a little under 3 months and the “miracle” happened for the first time in years!  I now go to bed and wake up without neck and shoulder pain, my sciatica has also improved a great deal and I feel great! 


Sales, Lafayette, NJ

How exactly does chiropractic work?
Your body is a self-healing, self regulating organism controlled by your nervous system. Millions of electrical messages travel from your brain down through your spinal cord to all of your body’s organs and tissues. These signals are then sent back to your brain which then determines if your body is working right. Improper motion or position of the bones in your spinal column can interfere with the vital flow of information being sent to and from your brain. These misaligned bones are called subluxations (pronounced sub • lux • a’ • shuns) or “pinched nerves.” They are usually not painful but have been shown to decrease the flow of this intelligent electrical energy by a minimum of 40%! It’s like “running on dim” instead of running on “bright.” When they are removed, health often returns as a result of improved nerve system control over your body.

Does treatment hurt?
No!   If you have any concerns regarding hearing a “popping” noise, just inform Dr. Takacs and a technique can be used that is pain-free and noise-free! 

And, regarding that “popping” noise– have you ever heard that “cracking” your knuckles would give you arthritis? If you did, sorry but that old wive’s tale has finally been put to rest!   Research has proven that people who crack their knuckles on a regular basis throughout their life actually lower their chances of developing arthritis in their knuckles compared to those who refused to do so.  Researchers concluded that knuckle “cracking” increases joint nutrition and maintains joint motion, both of which are essential to maintaining a healthy joint structure.

How do you get subluxations?
Because the spinal bones move, they are prone to misalign. On your car, the wheels move a lot and they too are likely to create misalignments (by hitting pot holes for example)   which then lead to uneven wear on the tire treads.

It’s a simple matter of physics: the more motion an object has, the greater the likelihood that there will be instability in that object. Unlike a car however, you are alive. There are actually 3 causes of subluxations— physical stress (as in the car example), mental stress and chemical stress. Any combination of these 3 stresses can cause an “electrical overload” of your nerve system which then results in a “blown fuse” (spinal subluxation).

Examples of these stresses are:
1. Physical Stress:   sports, car accidents, commuting over an hour/ day, sitting for more than 4 hours/ day, not exercising on a regular basis, not strengthening your body if your job requires you to be physically fit, falls and physical injuries, poor posture, being more than 20 lbs. overweight, sleeping on your stomach, etc.

2. Mental Stress:   relationship problems, co worker upsets, financial troubles, feeling like “life is running you” instead of you running your life, never seeming to have enough time to get things done, getting upset when you have to wait in traffic or in a line, having a huge debt load in relation to your income, having more than $5,000 on your credit cards, not being able to communicate freely and/or well with family members, etc.

3. Chemical Stress: alcohol, drugs, prescription medicines, not eating at least 3 cups of vegetables/ day or getting enough fiber, eating out several times/ week, drinking one or more cans of diet or regular soda/ day, pollution, not drinking enough water, preservatives and chemicals found in processed foods, etc.

How long does it take to get well?
There are many variables   at play when it comes to healing time.     Do you exercise 3 times a week?   Do you eat a healthy diet wherein 80% of the food you eat is not processed but rather cooked at home from scratch?   Are you within 15 pounds of your ideal weight?   Do you sleep 7-8 hours a night?   Are you handling the problems life throws at you or are you adversely affected by them?   In other words, those with a healthy lifestyle generally report a much faster healing time.

As an analogy, chiropractic treatment is most like orthodontics.   Chiropractors move bones, orthodontists move bones (teeth).   However, an orthodontist accomplishes this by putting braces on teeth and then applying a small pulling type pressure on them, often for a period of 2 or more years– this would be impractical for a chiropractor to do.   If a bone was realigned and then a brace was put on your spine, you couldn’t exactly go about your normal daily routine, could you?

Therefore, chiropractic accomplishes this by a frequency of visits.   To correct an adult spine, it generally takes several months at the very least.

  After 2 months of treatment, I took my first road trip. It was a totally new experience. No headaches, no shoulder or neck pain! I actually enjoyed traveling for the first time in years. Thanks Dr.T. for a great 1,600 miles!


Secretary, Newton, NJ

   I raked leaves for 2 days and then mulched the leaves for compost.  I started at 9:00 AM and worked until dark.  I then got up and went to work Monday with no pain.  Before chiropractic treatment, I would have only been able to work until noon and not go all day long! 


Equipment Operator, Newton, NJ

     When I started going to Dr. Takacs, I hoped it would help my neck pain but I was thrilled when my asthma almost completely disappeared!  I rarely have symptoms anymore and a visit to your office clears up any tightness in my chest!


Retired, Sparta, NJ

    After 5 weeks with Dr. Takacs, I am pain-free! I’ve lived with neck and shoulder pain for 8 years. I went through physical therapy twice for it, visited an orthodontist for TMJ pain and spent thousands of dollars trying to make it better. After all that, the pain and weakness returned. I thought I would just live with it. I took Ibuprofen every day for the last 2 years.   I’m happy to report I haven’t needed Ibuprofen now for over a week! I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am pain-free! Thanks Dr. T.!


Web Designer, Hampton, NJ

   After coming to Dr. Takacs for 2 months, I feel wonderful!  My energy level has increased by 80%.  I no longer feel tired and sluggish in the afternoons— it is amazing!  As for my back problems, they are almost gone.  They no longer remind me everyday that they are there.  I can play on the floor with my kids and I’m able to stand up afterwards— something I couldn’t do before coming to see Dr. T.! 


Registered Nurse, Ogdensburg, NJ

  I also used to have problems with my urinary tract, but since treatment, my problem no longer exists.  Now I even exercise more, I’ve started walking and eating better and I have also made better use of my spare time. Maintenance care allows you to continue good health both physically and mentally!


Self-employed, Newton, NJ

  When I first came to see Dr. Takacs, I had headaches and sinus congestion.  After my first treatment, the congestion went away. After the second visit, the headaches went away.  I have had neither ever since!


Scientist, Lafayette, NJ

Thank you so much!  You adjusted my ankle and I was able to walk without pain all day.  My neck and right arm were pain-free too.  I have forgotten what “normal” pain-free feels like!


Administrator, Ogdensburg, NJ

   I came in with hip and neck pain that I associated with aging.  Dr. T suggested trying the Rapid Release Procedure.  After only 3 sessions, I am 98% pain-free on the hip and 2 sessions have produced about a 40% improvement to the pain and range of movement to my neck.  In a few more sessions I’ll probably be 100%!  Hurrah!!!


Tax Administrator, Franklin, NJ

   After having pain in my left shoulder for over 4 years and seeing many doctors, I have not had any relief until I came to Dr. Takacs.    I am now fully off my medication and sleeping through the whole night for the first time in 2 years!!  Thank you so much!!


RN, Blairstown, NJ

  Dr. T made me feel so much better with my posture.  My whole body feels a lot better!  Thanks a bunch.


Student, Randolph, NJ

       After constant pain in the shoulder, over many years, I’m very happy to report it no longer hurts


Mail Carrier, Lafayette, NJ

   I came here because I was having constant hip pain that has been ongoing for over a year.  After my first few weeks of care with Dr. T, I can say my hip pain is gone.  I have been able to get back into karate and kickboxing.  I feel stronger and have been able to sleep much better.  Thank you for all your help Dr. T.


Technician, Newton, NJ

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