Headaches / Migraines

Headache Relief: 

When I first came to see Dr. Takacs, I had headaches and sinus congestion.  After my first treatment, the congestion went away. After the second visit, the headaches went away.  I have had neither ever since!  P.S., Scientist, Lafayette

Within 2 visits my headaches are gone and the sharp pain in my lower back is now more of a dull pain.  Very exciting!  M.T., Office Manager, Sparta

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I woke up on Wednesday morning and I felt light headed and the room started spinning.  I made an appointment with Dr. Takacs that day.  I went in and I couldn’t lie down or on my back without the room spinning and my stomach turning.  Dr. T knew that it was Vertigo.  She did a few maneuvers on me and it helped.  Didn’t fully go away, but better.  Then she had me come back in two days later and did the maneuvers on me again.  I will say thanks to Dr.T I feel a lot better and was able to lay down to get my adjustments.  I walked out not feeling nauseas or the room spinning.  Thank you to Dr.T for making me feel a lot better and take the Vertigo away.  It’s an awful feelng and experience to go through.


Bus Driver, Sussex, NJ

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