Chiropractic Testimonials

Dr. T is the best! I’ve been seeing her since I was post-partum with my 2nd child 11 years ago. My neck and alignment was so badly damaged that I would end up in the ER a few times a year in so much pain that I would need hospital grade muscle relaxers. Since seeing Dr. T on a fairly consistent basis for adjustments, I’m healthy and happy to say no more ER runs!   

-J.F., Sales, Augusta

It has been quite some time that I knew what it was like to live pain-free. Throughout the years, I have seen various chiropractors but, to my dismay, I continued to live with pain– so I chalked it up to assuming I had to live with it because nothing helped.  I have only been seeing Dr. T. for a little under 3 months and the “miracle” happened for the first time in years!  I now go to bed and wake up without neck and shoulder pain, my sciatica has also improved a great deal and I feel great! 

-G.D., Sales, Lafayette

After my first treatment, my balance changed and improved to the point where I could walk up and down stairs without fear and agony.  Bravo, Dr. Michele and thank-you!

-B.C., Administrator, Lafayette

Within 2 visits my headaches are gone and the sharp pain in my lower back is now more of a dull pain.  Very exciting!

-M.T., Office Manager, Sparta

After 2 months of treatment, I took my first road trip. It was a totally new experience. No headaches, no shoulder or neck pain! I actually enjoyed traveling for the first time in years. Thanks Dr.T. for a great 1,600 miles!

-H.D., Secretary, Newton

After 5 weeks with Dr. Takacs, I am pain-free! I’ve lived with neck and shoulder pain for 8 years. I went through physical therapy twice for it, visited an orthodontist for TMJ pain and spent thousands of dollars trying to make it better. After all that, the pain and weakness returned. I thought I would just live with it. I took Ibuprofen every day for the last 2 years.   I’m happy to report I haven’t needed Ibuprofen now for over a week! I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am pain-free! Thanks Dr. T.!

-J.H., Web Designer, Hampton

When I started going to Dr. Takacs, I hoped it would help my neck pain but I was thrilled when my asthma almost completely disappeared!  I rarely have symptoms anymore and a visit to your office clears up any tightness in my chest!

-V.C., Retired, Sparta

When I first came to see Dr. Takacs, I had headaches and sinus congestion.  After my first treatment, the congestion went away. After the second visit, the headaches went away.  I have had neither ever since!

-P.S., Scientist, Lafayette

After coming to Dr. Takacs for 2 months, I feel wonderful!  My energy level has increased by 80%.  I no longer feel tired and sluggish in the afternoons— it is amazing!  As for my back problems, they are almost gone.  They no longer remind me everyday that they are there.  I can play on the floor with my kids and I’m able to stand up afterwards— something I couldn’t do before coming to see Dr. T.!

-M.M., Registered Nurse, Ogdensburg

I raked leaves for 2 days and then mulched the leaves for compost.  I started at 9:00 AM and worked until dark.  I then got up and went to work Monday with no pain.  Before chiropractic treatment, I would have only been able to work until noon and not go all day long!

-D.P., Equipment Operator, Newton

I also used to have problems with my urinary tract, but since treatment, my problem no longer exists.  Now I even exercise more, I’ve started walking and eating better and I have also made better use of my spare time. Maintenance care allows you to continue good health both physically and mentally!

-L.C., Self-employed, Hampton

Thank you so much!  You adjusted my ankle and I was able to walk without pain all day.  My neck and right arm were pain-free too.  I have forgotten what “normal” pain-free feels like!

-C.M., Administrator, Ogdensburg

I came in with hip and neck pain that I associated with aging.  Dr. T suggested trying the Rapid Release Procedure.  After only 3 sessions, I am 98% pain-free on the hip and 2 sessions have produced about a 40% improvement to the pain and range of movement to my neck.  In a few more sessions I’ll probably be 100%!  Hurrah!!!

-C.D., Tax Administrator, Franklin