Pregnancy Related Back & Joint Pains

Pregnancy Relief:
    I have been going to Dr. T. for 3 weeks now (5 months pregnant) and I’ve already noticed significant improvement in my lower back that has improved my sleep!  I suffer from pinched nerves, degenerating dics in the low back area, as well as arthritis in my back.  Since starting chiropractic care, my pain has lessened.  It went from about a 7 to a 4 daily and continues to improve improve.  Thank you Dr. T.!   N.C., Receptionist, Vernon, NJ

  In Pain No More:

I am almost 20 weeks pregnant and was in so much pain.  Found Dr. T. through a co-worker and it has changed my entire pregnancy!  Such a relief since I started.  I tell all my fellow mommies if they can they should see a chiropractor.  Dr. T. is great and I cannot wait to continue seeing her after my little one is here.   — S.C., Manager, Newton, NJ





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