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Turmeric Golden Paste 

Click here for information about the many health benefits of Golden Paste (to create a Golden Milk ), which uses turmeric, a NATURAL anti-inflammatory spice (that you should cook with as well– add to your salads, recipes and the like WITH black pepper to unleash its healing properties)  and watch the video below to learn how to make the paste for the Golden Milk recipe.


GOLDEN MILK RECIPE:  After making the paste according to the video, store in a small glass jar in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.  When wanting to enjoy a cup of Golden Milk, take one teaspoon of golden paste AND one teaspoon of honey AND one cup of unsweetened Cashew or Coconut or Almond milk and place in a small pot and heat on low on your stove until the paste is incorporated into the milk— stir constantly for a minute or two until that happens.  Let it cool a bit…and enjoy! (You may drink up to 2 servings of this a day!).