Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss Coaching Services & Products only providing the best weight loss services so that your overall health is improved.  Our Weight Loss Programs are a doctor supervised protocol dispensed ONLY through licensed health care practitioners.  

Detox:  Are you toxic?  Many people try multiple diets to no avail.  In this case, we check to see if your body is holding onto fat as a way to protect itself from harmful toxins you have been exposed to.  As a response to toxins, your metabolism can slow down and it can decrease your body’s ability to burn fat.  On our detox program, get ready to cleanse toxins out of your system, melt away fat and increase your energy!

The best way to learn more about our custom programs are to attend our next 7 Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss Workshop where we will present a lively and informative seminar and answer any questions you might have.  Just call us at 973-383-5052 for further information on the time and date of the next free workshop.

    Dr. T’s Keto program was a great success for me. I lost 30 pounds in less than 3 months. Dr.T and staff have been so helpful with any question that I had. I will tell everyone how easy the diet was and I was never hungry. This diet has been a lifestyle change for me. Thank you for everything.


Homemaker, Branchville, NJ

    This program was an amazing eye-opener to developing healthy eating habits!  It helped me pay more attention to what I was putting in my mouth and how that affects my body.  I highly recommend this program for helping anyone jump start their new lifestyle in healthy eating.  You’ll lose weight consistently and quickly and the food variety will keep you interested and engaged. I’ve yo-yo’d dieted, gained and lost for many years, but this program finally got me to where I wanted to be and I feel the knowledge I’ve gained will help me maintain a healthy weight for years to come.


Teacher, Hardyston, NJ

    Since starting this program, I’ve lost more weight than on any other.  I feel so much better and , most importantly, my doctor has been happy with my blood sugar levels!  No matter how hard I tried to get it down, nothing worked.  Since starting this program 3 weeks ago, by the 2nd week, my blood sugar went from between 119-125 DOWN to between 93-98.  Thank you! 


Homemaker & Artist, Newton, NJ

    I lost 47 pounds on the program!  I feel better all around.  My cholesterol level went down.  I have been on the program for less than 3 months!  The food on the program tastes good– nothing like “diet” food.  This is truly a healthy way to lose weight.  Just follow the program!


Management, Jefferson, NJ

    Came to Dr. T’s looking for help in reaching my goal weight with successful coaching and encouragement, I have met my goal.  I can now wear clothes I wore when I was 24 and I’m currently 35.  Thank you for all your help in making it possible.  Special thanks to Brielle for being encouraging and strict “like a drill instructor.”


Police Officer, Hamburg, NJ

    It has been exactly 7 weeks I am on the  program.  I am down 20 pounds! I have lost inches all around!  I have a lot more energy and feel great!  I can walk in heels again without constant pain!  Oh, and I’ve been bad. I haven’t added an exercise regime yet.


Homemaker, Newton, NJ

    I‘ve never had so much energy. The diet is easy to follow & you just see the pounds and inches falling off. 


Attorney, Newton, NJ

    After only 1 week and losing 12 pounds, it feels so great and it makes me want to keep going strong!  I can’t wait to see what is to come in the next couple of weeks!  


College Student & Athlete, Fredon, NJ

    After being at a stale-mate with my weight loss for over a year, I’m FINALLY loosing again.  I fell 100% better, I have constant energy all day instead of crashing throughout.  Down 8 lbs. in 2 weeks is a record for me, I was averaging about 1 lb. or 2 lbs. every 2 weeks.  I’m so excited to keep seeing my progress!!  Who knew I’d ever be excited to weigh-in!!  Thanks Dr.T & Team! 


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