COVID-19 Updates

UPDATED SAFE OFFICE PROTOCOLS: During this unprecedented time of crisis, we are seeing our patients in a SAFE AND SANITARY environment! We have had NO patients or staff affected by the virus, per the government -published Covid 19 symptoms to date, 5.19.20. Our patient office hours therefore remain regular. Additionally, we have been DILIGENT in implementing procedures to ensure a safe environment so that you can remain as healthy as possible with chiropractic care!
In order to further serve our community, we have established the following protocols and procedures for our patients:
If a patient is exhibiting ANY of the Covid 19 symptoms, we require that they STAY HOME and contact your medical provider: fever, cough and/ or shortness of breath.

A. Also, emergency medical attention is needed if you develop:
– Trouble breathing
– Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
– New confusion or inability to arouse
– Bluish lips or face

B. The above 4 emergency types of symptoms are not an all-inclusive list. Contact your medical provider if you are experiencing any other symptoms that are unusual or severe or concerning! (SOURCE of the above data is the CDC)


A. Patients, upon arrival, are to use the disinfectant AND paper towel provided outside our building’s door. Spray the towel with the disinfectant, use it to open the door and enter the building and proceed to the bathroom. With your disinfected towel in hand, open the bathroom door with it, wipe down the sink handles and top of soap dispenser and then discard the towel in the bathroom’s trash. THEN WASH YOUR HANDS for 20 seconds with warm water and dry with a new paper towel. Do NOT touch your face or mouth afterwards! (These instructions are clearly labeled on our front door)
1. If you must use the toilet: Use a fresh dry paper towel on the flushing handle and discard the towel in the trash.

B. The inside door to our practice is open, so you can now enter safely without touching any other surfaces.

C. Our staff will then take your temperature with the no-contact infrared thermometer.  Pick up a disinfected pen and fill out your Travel Card info. (Discard the pen in the “used pens” bin at the front desk). You will then be routed to a disinfected adjusting area that is 6 feet away from any other patient. (Remain 6 feet away from other people, when checking in and out.)

D. We have PLENTY OF HAND SANITIZER located throughout our office. Please feel free to use as instructed on the bottles.

E. Our staff had been competently drilled in safety protocols and are practicing the continual maintenance of a sanitized and disinfected environment. This includes ALL surfaces that one might come in contact with during the course of a visit: Chair handles, door handles, counters etc…

F. Dr. T. purchased commercial ozonators that are used daily to create SAFE and sanitized air throughout the building.

In closing, please do not forget the PURPOSE and POWER of a chiropractic adjustment! The first chiropractic adjustment was given on a deaf man whose hearing returned! Your nerve system controls and coordinates ALL other systems of your body— including your IMMUNE SYSTEM! Proper nutrition, exercise, mental attitude, lifestyle habits and ability to rest ALL contribute to a HEALTHIER YOU! And a subluxation-free body ENHANCES your chances to achieve your health-related goals! So, stay safe and remain subluxation-free! We are here to serve you!