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Dr. T’s TIPS for Handling a Sore Throat & Helping Your Immune System! 


Dr. T. has many professional friends who travel quite a bit and who swear that by using a hydrogen peroxide sore throat gargle (as described below) at the first signs of a sore throat, has prevented them from experiencing illness despite being in a lot of airports and public spaces.

As with any gargle, do NOT swallow the solution. (If you accidentally do swallow some, you might experience a mild tummy ache or you might vomit some foamy liquid.)


How to gargle with hydrogen peroxide at the onset of a sore throat:
The key to safely gargling hydrogen peroxide is to make sure you never swallow it. This is true whether you’re using 3% hydrogen peroxide or 35% “food grade” hydrogen peroxide.
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Follow these steps for safe gargling:


1.  Start with a 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide. This is the strength you’ll find in a brown bottle at most drug or dollar stores. Next, combine one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts filtered non-fluoridated water. Your final mix will have a concentration of 1% hydrogen peroxide.

2.  Tilt your head back and take a small mouthful of your hydrogen peroxide and water mix. Gargle and swish the mixture around in your mouth for 30 to 60 seconds. (You can use a timer or count silently in your head to from 30 to 60 while gargling.)

3.  Spit the solution out after gargling. Don’t try to gargle the mixture for more than 90 seconds.

4.  Repeat every 3-4 hours until the sore throat is gone.

5.  Additionally, see Dr. T. to inquire about which vitamins/ minerals to take that may enhance and strengthen your immune system and then take those as directed.