Our Team

What Motivates Us:  Affordability and quality of service is of the utmost importance to the doctor and staff of Vitality Health Center.  

At Vitality Health Center, we work to improve your pain and symptoms and then we work even harder to keep your problems from returning!   We are a practice for BUSY people who don’t have time to be sick or in pain! 

Our team’s primary focus is to treat patients for their overall well-being and in helping them maintain optimum health.

Dr. M. Helena Takacs, DC

For over 35 years, Dr. Takacs (Dr.T.) has helped thousands of Sussex County residents eliminate pain and regain health and function by utilizing state of the art wellness protocols. Her approach is thorough and multi-faceted as is demonstrated by the amount of time she takes reviewing each prospective patients health issues and concerns. In an often hectic and fast-paced health care system, Dr. T. has maintained a close doctor-patient relationship and prides herself on truly getting to know each patient’s life story so that a personalized wellness program can be implemented.  Additionally, at Vitality Health Center, her focus is to only accept those she believes she and her team can help and to ensure our clinic is the right fit for each individual.

Dr.T.’s purpose is to help people who are interested in living a pain-free and active life by helping them regain health and normal function. Her vision is to incorporate chiropractic, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle advice and state of the art Regenerative Cellular Therapy (also known as Regenerative Medicine) to ensure positive patient health outcomes.  Please note that Dr. Takacs provides stem cell therapy education in the office, community and online, but does not perform the actual therapy.

As a highly trained chiropractor, Dr. Takacs employs a wide range of adjusting techniques as she believes in the concept of “one size does not fit all.”  Through much clinical experience, she has found that some patients do better with gentle techniques (where there is no “popping” sound), whereas others do better with a firmer approach that many might label “old school.” Either way, a patient can rest assured she will locate and handle the underlying areas of subluxations (bones that are out of place and that “pinch” nerves resulting in a decrease of the body’s ability to adapt and recover from stress). Moreover, she is also extremely adept at adjusting and handling extremity joint issues such as those in the shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, etc. and in treating athletes of all ages who want to live hard and play hard!

Dr. T. takes pride in giving patients the time they need and the best education possible so that they can make more informed decisions regarding their health.  She offers programs in weight loss, nutrition and exercise so as to compliment the many health benefits one can achieve by living the chiropractic wellness lifestyle!  And, she consistently trains to improve her knowledge in those areas of clinical expertise designed to maximize patient outcomes.

In her spare time, Dr. T. leads an active lifestyle.  She enjoys all types of outdoor activities– especially skiing, biking, kayaking, fishing and gardening.  And, she really cherishes doing many of those things with her husband, three children and granddaughter!  Her motto is Dum Vivimus Vivamus—While we live, Let us live!


Dr. T.’s Resume

2016—2019:   America’s Best Chiropractors List 
2011:  Commendation Award, WISE International
2009:  Initiative Award, WISE Eastern United States 
2007:  Leadership Award, WISE Eastern United States 
2006:  Founder, Effective Coaching Solutions 
2005:  Keynote Speaker for Association of NJ Chiropractors, Women’s Council
2003:  Barbara Morsell Humanitarian of the Year Award, Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Sussex County
2003—present:  President of the Business Expansion Club of Greater NY
2002—2008: Editor of  Sparta Health OnLine
2001:   President of the Sparta Elementary Wrestling Booster Club
1994—2007:  Graduate of the ORGANIZATION EXECUTIVE COURSE Volumes 0, 1, 2, 3
1996:  Communications Executive for Not-for-Profit Business Mediation Group, the WISE Charter Committee of Greater NY
1995:  Model of Administration Know-How Award from WISE®  International
1993:  Community Education Award from the Association for Chiropractic Expansion  (National Organization)
1988:  President, Sussex County Chiropractic Society
1983:  Diplomate, National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
1983:  X-Ray Intern, Life Chiropractic College
1982—1984:  Editor-in-Chief, The Life Force, International Chiropractic Newspaper

Techniques Available

Dr.T. is a highly trained chiropractor and has completed training in many chiropractic adjustive techniques: Activator Methods, Pierce-Stillwagon Technique, Thompson Technique, Network Technique, Pediatric Technique, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Neural Organization Technique, Diversified Technique, Gonstead Technique, Extremity Adjusting Techniques, Toggle Technique, Cox Technique, Nutritional Response Testing, Contact Reflex Analysis, and more.
She has completed additional post-graduate training in Chiropractic Philosophy, Impairment Rating, Markey Low Back, Risk Management, Chiropractic Business Industrial Services, Sitting on the Job, Personal Injury, Pediatric Adjusting, Ergonomics, Sports Injury, Biomechanics, Data Evaluation/ Logic, Ethics, Study Technology, Administrative Technology.

Cate Donovan, Nurse Practitioner

For the past 13 years, Cate has dedicated her career to the treatment of holistic care of the mind, body, and spirit of her clients. Along side her clinical practice as a Nurse Practitioner, she is also certified in a hands on energy healing method as well.

In her spare time Cate enjoys walking her golden doodle, and spending time with her husband and daughter.



Cate Donovan MSN, APN, HN-BC

Brielle Slate,
Community Relations Director

Brielle has been working with leading health and wellness practices across the state for over 15 years in helping them to improve their communities overall health.  As a volunteer for the Foundation for Wellness Professionals and Foundation for a Drug-Free World, she helps to coordinate wellness events and programs designed to educate individuals on various health topics.

Some of her favorite programs include Aging with Grace: How to Look & Feel Young!, The 7 Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss, Secrets of Stress Management, Ergonomics in the Workplace, How to Know If Your Children are on Drugs and How You Can Help Them, and many more!